PostTraumatic Growth

Stronger through misery

Stronger through misery, initially may seem like quite an odd title. But it is possible.

Everyone experiences drastic events

For example, illness, burnout, depression, divorce or losing your job. But challenging times can change your life course positively.

How? By Post-Traumatic Growth: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

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But why would you always need to stay vulnerable or need to keep an eye on your limits after misery?

That is not necessary at all!

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“What a valuable message you bring with this book!
You offer a lot of depth in a nice, light-hearted way.” 

Eveline Broekhuizen, editor

Getting started 

PTG Coaching sessions “From complaint to Strength.”

Have you become acquainted with the philosophy of PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger through misery, and do you need a little help to find the way to growth in yourself?

During two hour-long conversations, we help you get on your track to growth. We will mainly look at which strengths you can develop further, which will ultimately ensure that you can grow beyond your complaints. From complaint to Strength.


“That is what makes this book so unique: the prevailing view that people will keep a vulnerability after their misery that signals the environment to be ‘cautious’, Anja and Greet highlight ‘misery’ as important life experiences that can make people stronger, steadier and more resilient than before! This also appears to be entirely in line with positive psychology, which focuses on promoting well-being and health rather than illness and complaints. From misery to strength. And that is what we should focus on.”

Prof. dr. Judith Semeijn and Prof. dr. Tinka van Vuuren

“What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger

About the authors

Authors Anja Jongkind and Greet Vonk together practice at Et Emergo. They combine scientific research with a wealth of practical experience.

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“Through conversations with Anja and Greet, I learned a lot about myself and how I can better deal with certain things and situations. This has had positive effects, not only after a challenging period at work but even privately. I have gained more confidence and indicate better what I do and what I do not want. I have learned a lot from which I will benefit from the rest of my life.


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