We are Anja Jongkind and Greet Vonk.

We have been working together within our Et Emergo practice since 2013, and we have developed PTG Coaching. We coach, publish and provide workshops, lectures, inspiration sessions and training on PostTraumatic Growth.

Anja Jongkind
For more than 40 years, Anja has taught and coached on PTG-like principles and used these in her work as a therapist. She has guided many people in her practice with all kinds of psychological/emotional related complaints and disorders. Also very traumatic experiences, all kinds of overburdening complaints and many types of questions, including leadership, career and meaning matters..
For 11 years, she was the director of a Handicapped Care / Mental Healthcare institution.

Greet Vonk
Greet is a Master Practitioner Coach. She learned ‘the profession’ 20 years ago of Anja and conducted a scientific study regarding PostTraumatic Growth. Her research was recently published in the scientific journal International Journal of Workplace Health Management. She has been working as an independent coach since 2006, and she has 20 years of experience as a manager and director in business services and the care industry.

Et Emergo
We do a lot more, such as development assessments and awareness development. Read more on the website of our practice Et Emergo.

 “It was clear to me that I missed a good balance when I got a severe burnout at 53. The special and excellent guidance of Anja has helped me to find a better balance than in all previous years, after many pleasant years in public housing, I now enjoy my pension for years to come.”


Getting started


PTG Coaching sessions “From complaint To Strength.”

Have you become acquainted with the philosophy of PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger through misery, and do you need a little help to find the way to growth in yourself?

During two hour-long conversations, we help you get on your track to growth. We will mainly look at which strengths you can develop further, which will ultimately ensure that you can grow beyond your complaints. From complaint to strength.

Ontvang Kennis & Inspiratie

We vertellen graag over ons werk en onze missie: PostTraumatische Groei bekender maken dan PTSS. Omdat het zoveel voor mensen kan betekenen! Deze nieuwsbrief biedt inspiratie en kennis. Zowel voor jou persoonlijk als voor jou als professional.

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