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“Stronger through misery”. You may think this is a crazy name. And yet it is possible.

Why would you always need to stay vulnerable or need to keep an eye on your limits after misery? It’s not necessary! You can grow and therefore emerge come out even stronger.

In science this phenomenon is called PostTraumatic Growth, another name for “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

Target group

In this inspiration session, you will get to know the positive and hopeful ideas of PTG in a short and powerful way. The inspiration session is suitable for anyone who is dealing with misery personally or professionally or who just wants to know how to better deal with misery.


  • What is Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)
  • The four essentials of PTG
  • What does PTG bring: getting to know the PTG questionnaire
  • The five different sub-areas of PTG
  • The impact of PTG’s knowledge: the pre and post-PTG era
  • How can you realize PTG, a short introduction

Et Emergo

Anja Jongkind (1953) and Greet Vonk (1964) have been working together within Et Emergo since 2013. They have developed PTG Coaching and work with this. For more than 40 years, Anja has based her work on these principles in her practice as a therapist, later as a coach. Greet learned 20 years ago the profession of Anja and conducted a scientific study regarding Post-Traumatic Growth. Her research was recently published in the scientific journal International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

Greet Vonk MSc

This inspiration session is given by Greet Vonk. Greet regularly gives lectures/workshops in the field of PostTraumatic Growth (PTG). She does this for various target groups. For example, she spoke at the European Congress of Positive Psychology and at the scientific symposium of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO). She provides workshops for, among others, coaches, HRM/health/safety professionals and managers. She also leads inspiration sessions within organizations about the “positive side” of burnout, stress, depression, fears and other misery.

Greet Vonk (MSc) is a Master Practitioner Coach affiliated with EMCC / NOBCO. 

Practical information

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Zoom

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We vertellen graag over ons werk en onze missie: PostTraumatische Groei bekender maken dan PTSS. Omdat het zoveel voor mensen kan betekenen! Deze nieuwsbrief biedt inspiratie en kennis. Zowel voor jou persoonlijk als voor jou als professional.

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