Have you been feeling tired, exhausted, depressed, restless, angry, unsafe, anxious for a while?

Are you afraid to call in sick, or are you already incapacitated for work due to psychological or emotional related complaints?

Are you curious how PTG Coaching can help you? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us! Together we look at whether PTG Coaching is right for you. 


Getting started


PTG Coaching sessions “From complaint To Strength.”

Have you become acquainted with the philosophy of PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger through misery, and do you need a little help to find the way to growth in yourself?

During two hour-long conversations, we help you get on your track to growth. We will mainly look at which strengths you can develop further, which will ultimately ensure that you can grow beyond your complaints. From complaint to strength.

“Because of Anja, I went back into the mill of life knowing that if you just stick out one leg or arm, you can stop the mill whenever you want. Setting boundaries, playing with energy, taking better care of myself and standing up for myself. That is where the strength lies, there you will find the balance between wanting and being allowed to do it instead of having to do it aimlessly. I now know that I can have a significant influence on positively focusing and using my energy.” 


Ontvang Kennis & Inspiratie

We vertellen graag over ons werk en onze missie: PostTraumatische Groei bekender maken dan PTSS. Omdat het zoveel voor mensen kan betekenen! Deze nieuwsbrief biedt inspiratie en kennis. Zowel voor jou persoonlijk als voor jou als professional.

Ontvang de nieuwsbrief

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