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Ask yourself, “What have I learned from my misery?” Instead of, “How bad was it?”

The statement “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is well known. Why then does the image persist that you would always remain vulnerable after all kinds of misery? After misery, you can become stronger and more passionate than ever before. If you choose the right approach.

How? Come to one of the  workshops, inspiration sessions or training.


Inspirationsession PostTraumatic Growth(PTG) – Stronger through misery (free)

In this inspiration session you will get to know the positive and hopeful ideas of PTG in a short and powerful way. The inspiration session is suitable for anyone who is dealing with misery personally or professionally or who just wants to know how to better deal with misery.


Workshops for coaches, psychologists, doctors, HR-professionals, healthcare professionals and managers

The workshop has been developed for professionals involved in the treatment/coaching of employees who risk absenteeism due to psychological/emotional related complaints such as burnout, stress, depression, fears, psychological complaints due to illness or other misery.

Ontvang Kennis & Inspiratie

We vertellen graag over ons werk en onze missie: PostTraumatische Groei bekender maken dan PTSS. Omdat het zoveel voor mensen kan betekenen! Deze nieuwsbrief biedt inspiratie en kennis. Zowel voor jou persoonlijk als voor jou als professional.

Ontvang de nieuwsbrief

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