We did scientific research on PostTraumatic Growth after a burnout.


You can use a refrigerator for your emotions; however, never use a freezer for it

Sometimes you may just want to push your emotions away. It is then too much for and because of those circumstances. You then consciously know that you are pushing it away. You actually choose it. That’s fine for that moment. 
You can park your emotions for a while, let them cool down, that does not matter. As long as you take your feelings out of that fridge at a more suitable time. However, if you put your emotions in the freezer, and you do that more often, you create misery for yourself in the future. After all, it is a certainty that the last package you put in suddenly makes your freezer no longer close properly. And that everything thaws all at once. All undigested misery will end up on your plate at the same time. Enjoy your meal!

Metaphor from the book PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger throught misery 

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