E-learning PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger through misery

Drastic events can have a major impact on your life

Whether it is contracting an illness, experiencing a burnout or depression, seeing an accident happen, experiencing a divorce, losing a job, losing job prospects or other misery or traumas.
It is often intense and drastic, but difficult times or misery can ultimately completely transform your life course in a positive sense.


What do you mean, always remaining vulnerable or watching your boundaries after misery?

Sometimes it is really necessary, but in many cases - with respect for the misery endured - there is no need for it! It can also help you grow and therefore emerge even stronger from the battle.
In science, this phenomenon is called Post-Traumatic Growth, another name for 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger'.

In this introductory e-learning PostTraumatic Growth - Stronger through Misery, you will be introduced to the positive and hopeful philosophy of PTG in an inspiring, recognizable and useful way.

On one hand, this e-learning is suitable for and offers perspective to people who are or have had to deal with misery themselves. It offers a lot of inspiration and tools because this e-learning is aimed at 'developing' one's own capabilities and talents.
This is very possible, especially in difficult times. This ultimately creates more awareness, self-management and broader professional and personal development, which makes students feel more confident in life, both personally and professionally.
On the other hand, this e-learning is an interesting introduction for professionals, to all the possibilities that the PTG philosophy offers. Firstly, because they are also people who may be able to 'develop' themselves even further. Secondly, because they are provided with additional skills in the broadest sense of the word that are of particular added value in many different professional groups.


The e-learning consists of 4 modules with a total of 34 lessons

There is a nice variety in terms of listening, reading and watching, short metaphorical texts, animations and assignments. The videos are narrated by two people who are on screen and speaking and who alternate. That makes it easier to stay focused.

If you purchase this e-learning of 4 modules, you have access to the e-learning for 4 months.

It is possible to book 3 or 6 hours of coaching/guidance in addition to the e-learning.
This coaching/guidance is carried out by a certified PTG-Practitioner.

Click here to order this e-learning including 3 hours of coaching.

Click here to order this e-learning including 6 hours of coaching.

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E-learning, E-learning met 3 uur coaching/begeleiding, E-learning met 6 uur coaching/begeleiding

PostTraumatic Growth – Stronger through misery

  • 4 modules
  • 34 lessons


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